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Mission Statement:

Parkview little league will provide a healthy environment for the youth of our communities.  Our focus is to encourage participation, develop character and discipline, promote teamwork, and advocate citizenship and community pride.  We will strive to provide quality instruction in the development of baseball skills, sportsmanship, competitiveness and fair play.  Parkview Little League is committed to enriching the lives of our youth and fostering a love of the game.


1. Sportsmanship                    2. Citizenship                    3. Character                    4. Honestly                    5. FUNdamentals

Positive Attitude.   Listen to your coaches.   Always play your best.   You are tomorrow’s athletes.

Be a good sport.   Allow for mistakes.   Learn from them.   Let players have fun!!


Field Status:

All Park View fields are "OPEN".

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Message from the President:

"It is shared goal amongst our entire volunteer board that ALL of the children in Parkview enjoy their Little League baseball playing experience."

Parkview Little League:  Putting traditional and ‘Old School’ community Baseball back where it belongs year round.

It is not an overstatement.  Yes, Little League enrollment has declined 20 percent since its peak in 1997, from 3 million to 2.4 million.  But 2.4 million players hardly suggest that community leagues are disappearing.  Still, it’s true that the playing field for youth baseball has changed dramatically since Little League was founded 75 years ago.  With its decline, our community league games have lost a certain sense of community.

Question for you is this, “Where’s the local pride gone?  This is how I feel, by the time Baseball Players of the years past got to high school, we were like family.  We were already a team, picking each other up, playing for our community.  Today’s youth baseball landscape has become the following… guys arrive from a bunch of different teams, and they know guys in the other dugout better than they know each other.  Isn’t it time our players to put community baseball back where it belong?  In to our Neighborhood LOCAL community Year round.

Ali Mivehchi

President of Parkview Little League

Important Information:

2015 Spring & Winter Season:


Congratulations EASTLAKE LITTLE LEAGUE for becoming the 2013 United States Little League World Series Champions.  We are all proud of your accomplishments!


Park View Becomes First District 42 Team EVER to reach and WIN the Little League World Series

Special Thanks to EVERYONE who has donated to Park View during this incredible World Series run.  Your generosity has made our parents/players dreams possible.  Your generosity will also live on with the other 450 kids that play at Park View. 

Thank you SO MUCH!